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Estancia Menelik | Accomodation

The estancia’s location next to Perito Moreno National Park and San Lorenzo Provincial Reserve make this an ideal place to stay if you would like to visit these protected areas. We offer accommodation for up to 50 people. Details are as follows:


“Main House” (10 beds)

100 m2 (1,080 square feet). Built in 1940 in the English style of the ‘30’s and refurbished in 1998/9. The outer walls are brick with plaster mouldings. The interior is in fine plaster and ceramic tiles. The ceilings are made of wood. There are three double rooms and one quadruple, all with a private bathroom. Also a dining room, living room, fireplace, library and kitchen.

River Belgrano Refuge (16 and 24 beds)

Two buildings with four bedrooms, bunk beds, and bathrooms. Two dining rooms, fireplace and Aga style cooker.

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